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The Remote Viewing Institute is a consulting firm specialising in research of information making use of remote viewing. We can find information for you that you can get no where else. The extension of information is without limit, searching knowledge from the past, present and the future.

To know if we can help you, tell us now what you are looking for and we'll be honest about what we can do and what we cannot do. Each request will be dealt with confidentiality.

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Remote Viewing is the ability to receive information without prior knowledge of the target. If someone asked you if you could describe a picture or a place that you have never seen or never been, could do that? The remote viewing protocol that we use and teach makes this possible.
Remote viewing is based on extra-sensorial perceptions. Among psi phenomena, you may have heard of precognition, telepathy or clairvoyance. The remote viewing protocol allows us to literally access all information. All that you were taught so far is to believe that this skill could exist, but not that you could have it. It is by trying remote viewing for the first time, that one receives the irrefutable evidence that everyone has the ability to remote view. With the discovery of remote viewing, you will automatically start listening more and more to your inner voice. It is difficult to turn every one into a great psychic, but if you do not try once, you will never know how much you are skilled.

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The remote viewing protocol that we teach was developed in a scientific and serious environment in the USA. The remote viewing protocol is a set of procedures to follow with precise questions to answer in the right order. Followed thoroughly, this remote viewing protocol allows to obtain information at every session without external tools. Only pen and paper are needed.
To do this professionally however, and achieve goog results every time, staff from our institute were trained for several months and on a daily basis, after which they received a certificate.

Nowadays, remote viewing is used for investigation in various domains: commercial, governmental and sciences. Remote viewing is very good for describing real things that exist in time and space, for example the description of people, events, things, concepts or places. It is used for reconstructing events, filling in the missing details. Remote viewing is used to make the right decisions, for example, help you to choose between two options. Remote viewing is used for projections as one can also look forward in time.

Even though thousands of people are formed every year worldwide, remote viewing is still unknown to the most. We are working hard to make this change.